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The 101 Best Breakfasts in America by Playboy

Playboy's Best In America Breakfast

Whether you like sweet or savory, an hours-long meal or something to eat on the go, healthy or artery-clogging, there is a perfect breakfast for you somewhere in America. Playboy editors and contributors have traveled the U.S. to find the nation’s best breakfasts. It didn’t matter if the restaurants were high-end or hole in the wall, all they had to be was good. Did your favorite make the cut as one of America’s 101 Breakfast spots? Check out the whole list below and visit our regional pages (MidwestNortheastSouth, and West) to find out what you should order when you drop by any of these outstanding eateries.

7. Home Grown
Atlanta, GA
There are plenty of excellent spots for breakfast in Cosmopolitan Atlanta, but it’s tough to top Home Grown. Located in Reynoldstown, a resurgent historic neighborhood just off downtown. As the name would imply, Homegrown is largely supplied by local farmers, so the menu changes regularly. A darn fine standard though is the BEST French Toast Sandwich, with bacon, spinach, and tomato between two slabs of battered, griddled bread. As an added bonus, Home Grown is located a few blocks from the East Side Trail, part of Atlanta’s expanding BeltLine. So no matter how full you’re stuffed, you can easily walk it off. –Chris Dixon

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